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If your retail business is looking to offer your customers ethical, all-natural, sustainable hemp oil and skincare products, please get in touch.

Botany Bay Botanicals is open to building relationships with quality Australian retailers who wish to offer our products in-store or online.

white label

White label

Are you looking for a range of effective hemp oil skincare products to call your own? We can help.

Part of our mission at Botany Bay Botanicals is to make our products and their benefits accessible to as many people as possible. So, if you’d like to explore a white label opportunity – let’s talk.

why choose botany bay botanicals?



Our natural hemp is grown in the unique fertile volcanic soil of Northern Rivers, NSW. It includes all the active natural elements from the hemp plant like proteins, antioxidants and the other hemp Cannabinoids. And it’s very low in THC – below the legal limit of 0.3%.

Harmonious blends

harmonious blends

All our ingredients are carefully selected for their individual qualities but also for the way they work together in harmony. So, you can rely on the powerful blend of ingredients in our skincare products to deliver the results they promise.



No animals are used to test our skincare products – in fact, hemp supports the ecosystem in which it grows. All our testers are willing humans, starting with co-founders Cloudi & John, so you can enjoy our products knowing they are 100% cruelty-free.

No hidden nasties

No hidden nasties

You’ll never find an unexpected hidden nasty on one of our ingredient labels. When you use our products, you can feel confident that what you put onto your skin and into your body is 100% pure and natural.

Eco Friendly

sustainable packaging

Our sustainable packaging reduces the environmental impact of our products. We use glass, bamboo and recycled and recyclable cardboard, which means your purchase is packaged with our planet in mind.


Small batch production

We prepare our products in small batches to guarantee the ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality possible. The result is potent skincare that delivers on its promise to protect, preserve and nurture.

All Natural

As nature intended

Nothing is added or taken away when we make our hemp oil. Our skincare products are free from artificial colours and perfumes – so you get the benefit of pure ingredients as nature intended.


Reliably honest

Our ingredients are carefully selected and blended. We use the minimum number of ingredients possible to achieve the desired results, which means our high-quality skincare is effective and affordable.

Planet Positive

planet positive

A percentage of every sale is donated to Generation Green – a not-for-profit that supports planet-positive projects. So, when you buy and use our skincare products, you are protecting and sustaining our planet.

If you’re interested in a wholesale or white label opportunity with Botany Bay Botanicals, we’d love to chat – please get in touch.

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