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Returns & Refunds Policy

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Refunds and replacements

We hope our clear returns policy will highlight our focus on customer service.

We rather hope more that you’ll love our products so much and that they will always be perfect, but just in case, here is our policy….

We aim to avoid confusion, to meet or exceed Australian Consumer Law (ACL), so we display our refund policy to inform our awesome customers, and so you have a clear understanding of our process in place to handle customers returning goods.

Under ACL, if a gift is being returned simply because a customer has changed their mind or a gift recipient doesn’t like the colour, refunding or exchanging the item is at our discretion.

Due to health concerns, we cannot safely offer ‘change of mind’ returns, as goods cannot safely be re-sold.

However, if the item is broken, unsafe or doesn’t do what it’s meant to do, we are more than happy to fulfil our obligation to refund, repair or exchange it.

The ACL has clear guidelines on guarantees, warranties and refund policies, should you wish to check your rights and the facts.

Here’s what you really need to know though:

  • We will never have a ‘no refund’ policy, it is against Australian Consumer Law (even a refund on sale items is allowed).
  • If the product is not of acceptable quality and needs repairs, we won’t charge you to fix it up, we won’t try to refer you to the manufacturer either.  We are the manufacturer 😉
  • If the fault is major, we should offer to refund or replace the item, rather than repair it.
  • If the item is bulky, we should pay for its transportation.
  • If we are replacing the item, we will ensure it will always be a brand new product, never a return. Actually, at the time we write this, we’ve never had an unhappy customer. 🙂
  • We will replace it within a reasonable time, allowing for manufacture, quality control and post.
  • Items don’t have to be returned in the original packaging and if you have lost the receipt, proof of purchase by a credit card statement, confirmation or receipt number from an internet or phone transaction should still be accepted.

If you really love a bit of detail or just for more information, see the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Warranties and refunds – a guide for consumers and businesses.

Many hugs,

Cloudi, John & the team



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