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Have you been searching for an all-natural lip balm to revitalise your dry, chapped, flaky or dehydrated lips? Your search is over.

Indulge your lips with our botanical balm. Each natural ingredient has been carefully chosen to help soothe, nurture and nourish your lips, so they feel soft, smooth and hydrated once more.

Our 100% natural Edith 1874 lip balm is packed with botanicals, see below for ingredients.



Product Info

Product information

Coat your lips throughout the day, as needed. Use our lip balm as part of your bedtime routine and keep your lips nourished all night long.

Through careful selection, we keep our ingredients to a minimum to make sure you get the maximum benefit from our beautifully blended balm.

Our own natural hemp oil – bursting with hundreds of active botanicals that have traditionally been used to soothe, heal and protect the skin. Research indicates some have anti-inflammatory qualities

Shea butter – nature’s super moisturiser rich in vitamins A, E and F has been shown to strengthen, protect and regenerate the skin.

Beeswax – a natural exfoliator that can condition and repair lips while hydrating and soothing them.

Cocoa butter – packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins, it’s known to nourish, heal and moisturise damaged or irritated skin.

Almond oil – a carrier oil rich in proteins and essential fatty acids including Omega 9 and Omega 6 to soothe the driest, most chapped lips.

Vitamin E – with wonderful moisturising and wound-healing properties it can help lips go from dry and damaged to soft and healthy.

Our 100% natural Edith 1874 lip balm is packed with botanicals – there’s no room for these nasties:

  • Parabens
  • Sulphates
  • Petrolatum
  • Mineral oils
  • Artificial colours
  • Artificial scents
  • Phthalates
  • SLS

Each 12ml lip balm is safely and hygienically packaged in a tube made from recycled cardboard. When your lip balm is finished, you can recycle or compost the cardboard tube. So, our lip balm is not only great for your lips – it’s great for your planet too.

Pure, natural & potent botanical skincare

Why hemp oil? FAQs

Cruelty free

not tested on animals



NSW grown & made

No hidden nasties

No parabens

No hidden nasties

All Natural


ingredients & fragrances


Created with care

Every small batch

Eco Friendly



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Read how our customers feel about our oils

1848 Ellis – Body Butter

I was very impressed how moisturising this product was and how well my skin absorbed it. It was a very nice ritual when applying. I have eczema prone skin so after using this product for a few weeks I was noticing my eczema has minimised and was far less irritated.

Kersha Hall
star star star star star

1912 Maisie

vital lip-care

Marvellous Maisie is like CPR for my environmentally touched lips. Loving the non-reactive, natural ingredients used in this locally sourced hemp lip balm. My lips are indebted to you for creating Maisie.

K . Tunsted
star star star star star

1874 Edith

clarifying face oil

Finally a light weight universal face oil that is organic and perfectly matched for young and mature skin types. My teenager steals this all the time as it helps with hormonal breakouts. The bottle of clarifying face oil is taken by her everywhere, hence we fight over this product. If you have teenagers purchase two, save the arguments.

K. McLennan
star star star star star

1884 Pink

relish and rapture

Relinquishing my body to this heady infusion of hemp, chamomile, clove and calendula bath soak was such a restorative experience for my whole being. Definitely subscribing to that experience again.

A. James
star star star star star