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skincare that’s over 23 million years in the making

The Botany Bay Botanicals story begins with the eruption of a volcano in northern New South Wales (NSW) over 23 million years ago.

It’s anchored in the ancient Australian landscape known to the local first nations people as Wollumbin – the cloud catcher – also known as Mt Warning.

The volcanic eruption blanketed the land in lava and nutrient-rich ash (Tephra) which, over the ages, was slowly absorbed into the soil. Today, our organic hemp plants grow in the serene, sub-tropical surroundings of Northern Rivers, NSW.

They are nourished by this unique fertile soil that helps to make them super powerful and effective, in even the smallest amounts.

Botanical goodness in every drop

botanical goodness in every drop

Thanks to ongoing scientific research, we know that hemp plants are packed with hundreds of natural compounds and plant versions of our bodies’ own Endocannabinoids.

From botanical versions of the body’s Endocannabinoids to Terpenes, vitamins, minerals and the essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6 – many of these compounds are considered vital to sustain a healthy life.

Some hemp oils contain an extraction of a single element or cannabinoid. But our hemp oil is made using a natural hemp plant infusion. This gentle process allows the transfer of most of the hemp plant’s botanical goodness into our hemp oil.

Small batch skincare

mother nature’s tonic for timeless, healthy skin

At Botany Bay Botanicals, another benefit of using hemp oil in our skincare products is that it boosts the effect of the other botanical ingredients.

We never compromise quality for profits. So, our small batch skincare is made with the best possible fresh, natural ingredients chosen to work harmoniously together to nourish your skin. The result is healthy looking skin at any age.

Ongoing new studies and our own Ethnomedicine research suggest hemp oil can soothe inflamed skin conditions like acne and rosacea, reduce the signs of ageing and promote clear, smooth skin.

botany bay botanicals – celebrating trailblazing female botanists

Our product names celebrate the Australian female botanists whose early research has enriched our understanding of the healing power of botanicals.

We chose the beautiful flower of Beach Morning Glory (Ipomoea pes-caprae) as the inspiration for our Botany Bay Botanicals logo. It symbolises our commitment to natural healing.

In the folk medicine of Australia and many other countries, Beach Morning Glory was used as a remedy for ailments such as inflammation, pain and arthritis.

‘Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.’

Maya Angelou

Cloudi and John might seem like unlikely business partners. They grew up on different continents in different circumstances and chose very different career paths.

Yet they are bound by a shared determination to shine the spotlight on the natural power of plants to heal and help people. And our planet.

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About us Cloudi

Cloudi Morgan

Cloudi spent her childhood on her family’s organic farm. Nestled in the foothills of northern NSW, their water supply flowed down from the mountains, untouched by human hands. Cloudi is an accomplished tailor and a draftsperson – both skills that reflect her creative side.

After living and working on an organic farm, Cloudi is conscious of the power of nature to nurture, protect and heal. She avoids chemicals in every area of her life – especially on or in her body. So, she wanted to create an ethical, natural and sustainable skincare range with ingredients that benefit people on a holistic level. Products she would love to use that did good outside and in.

‘After so many years living and working in a beautiful environment, it’s impossible not to feel connected with nature. So, I’ve always been mindful of what I put onto and into my body. With Botany Bay Botanicals, we decided to create ethical, natural skincare products that we would love to use.’

John Hammerton

John grew up in suburban Britain where organic foods were uncommon at the time. Tertiary education wasn’t an option, but he didn’t let that hold him back. John built an impressive career as a highly successful, award-winning private banker – in the UK and, later, in Australia.

When his daughter was 4 years old, she asked him what his job was. John’s light-hearted response about making money for rich people left her unimpressed. It was a fleeting moment that hit John hard and had lasting consequences. After reflecting on his life’s achievements, he began looking for ways to contribute to the greater good of the planet – for communities everywhere.

‘Having learned about the many benefits of hemp, I didn’t feel I could ignore it. It’s a planet-positive plant that improves the environment where it grows and where it’s used. In other words – our minds and bodies. That’s worth sharing!’

better for your skin – better for our planet – better for you

When Cloudi and John met, they were both looking to create a business venture that could drive positive change in the world. For people. And for our planet.

A planet-positive plant seemed like a great starting point.

Cloudi and John found the scientific research into the healing powers of the hemp plant for skin, mind and body compelling.

It inspired them to create an all-natural, hemp-based skincare range that repositions the idea of beauty to encompass a holistic sense of wellbeing – outside and in.

‘We didn’t start this business to be just another skincare range. At its heart, Botany Bay Botanicals proves that beauty is more than skin deep. We offer natural, ethical and sustainable skincare products that nurture people’s bodies and minds. Our skincare makes it possible to age gracefully and naturally and still feel and look your best.’

Cloudi Morgan

If you’ve been searching for an effective all-natural skincare range that’s people and planet positive, visit our online shop today.

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